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Services and Rates

Investing in regular massage is an investment for maintaining good health. Regular massage can help you

 Manage stress--Reduce anxiety

 Increase circulation

 Aid in lymph drainage

 Eliminate toxins from the body 

 Restore soft tissues to their natural, pain-free function

For active people it can help reduce the possibility of injury by keeping your muscles lubricated and flexible, increasing mobility and erasing trigger points.

Reduce pain due to injury, arthritis, and repetitive activity.

Help athletes meet their full potential and with less injury or restore function more quickly with massage 


I have 1/2 hour  to  90 minute rates ranging from $32.50-$83.50 plus sales tax if applicable. New rates effective October 1, 2017. 

A referral from a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist, exempts you from paying the sales tax. It is kept in your file and is good for 1 year.

Other Services:

Ask about Chair Massage for events, as a bonus to employees, or as a thank you to for a job well done.

On-site chair massage has been proven to increase productivity, help to boost morale and is a nice reward for a job well done. Another option is to offer it to your employees during their break time or lunch where they would pay for their own time receiving massage.

Infant Massage instruction for parents or caregivers. A special gift to your precious little one.Proven to help with colic, aid in bonding, sleep patterns and digestion. 

 Gift Certificates are available.

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